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Custom essay writing cheap airfare

Our airports are terrible, and our airlines are finding it harder to compete. I hate driving a topic into the ground, but my experiences over the past few days force me to revisit this: The other day, traveling on vacation, I flew from Singapore to Amsterdam, with a connection in Hong Kong.

The connection process in HKG went like this: I stepped off the first plane into a quiet, spacious, immaculately clean concourse. After a quick and polite security screening that took all of sixty seconds, I proceeded to my departure gate a few minutes away.

Compare this, if you dare, to the process of making an international connection in the United States of America. You step off the plane and make your way to the immigration hall, which as always is packed to capacity.

custom essay writing cheap airfare

Or maybe it takes even longer: Your next task is to stand at the baggage carousel for twenty minutes and wait for your suitcase. To get there, you walk outside and spend fifteen minutes in the rain waiting for a bus.

The line at TSA is a good forty minutes long, the guards barking at people amidst the clatter of bins and luggage.

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Babies are crying, CNN news monitors are blaring, and waves of public address announcements — most of them pointless and half of them unintelligible — wash over one another. How long did all of that take? A solid two hours on some days.

Welcome to the American airport. Back at Hong Kong, a passenger can be off the plane, through immigration and onto the train to Kowloon in fifteen minutes.

I remember my last trip to Bangkok, and how I, an arriving foreigner, made it from the airplane to the taxi stand in less than ten minutes! BKK is one of the biggest and busiest international airports in the world, yet the waiting times at immigration can often be measured in seconds, never mind minutes.

Separately, in a copy of Air Line Pilot magazine, U. Incheon Seoul Airport, Korea.

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To be fair, the scenario above is a worst-case to best-case comparison. Many overseas airports require a secondary security check, for example IATA or somebody needs to step in and address the multiple screenings issue. Even some European airports go out of their way to make the travel experience tedious and confusing.

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